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SEF SELF-DEFENSE                         Training

SEF Self-Defense is an effective combat system or method of self-defense and a way of constant improvement and progress.

Learn how to defend yourself in a case someone attacks you, progress, be better today than yesterday and be better tomorrow than today. Join us!

Message from the founder of SEF Self-Defense

Ideally, all people should be well-meaning and no one should ever attack you.

In reality, we can not expect an ideal environment and then we have to ask ourselves what to do against those who will attack you verbally, mentally or physically.

You have two choices, one is to allow yourself to become a victim, and the other is to learn to defend yourself from such individuals or groups.

The SEF Society and its academies organize the SEF Self-Defense trainings.

We can help you in your intention to protect yourself by teaching you self-defense techniques, defense techniques against punches, kicks, holds, attacks with cold steel weapons or firearms.

We will teach you how to use your mind, body, useful self-defense items and defeat an aggressive attacker. Say no to violence, defend yourself.

On the other hand, although during self-defense training you will learn how to effectively defend yourself from attack, following the SEF Self-Defense philosophy, you will also learn how to avoid conflict if possible, which is always a better solution than physically overcoming an attacker.

Never allow yourself to become someone's victim, also do not allow yourself to be an aggressor. Protect yourself from others but also protect others from yourself.

SEF Self-Defense is an effective method of defense against attack, but it is also a way of peace, love and tolerance.

There is no competition with others in SEF Self-Defense. There is no desire to win, because by winning over someone, one usually only satisfies one's own ego, and at the same time offends the ego of the defeated and probably makes an enemy out of that person.

Cooperation and not competition, love and not hate, good and not evil are the basis for your personal progress and the progress of the society in which we live.

The winner from today can become the loser tomorrow. If possible, a man should be convinced of the wrongness of his intention, not defeated.

If we are already striving to win, then we need to win against ourselves and become better people. And then as such to become more useful to ourselves and society as a whole.

Hard work on constant improvement and progress leads us to a better future. The time you spend to improve and progress is always a good consumed time.

SEF Self-Defense is just another step you can take on your way to progress.

Learn how to defend yourself and also learn how to improve.

The Founder of SEF Self-defense

Everything we have done so far, what we have been through so far, has built us up and made us what we are. Our choices and our future deeds are what largely determine our future. David Kulisic

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